2007 New York City Networking Trip


January 8-12, 2007

During the week of January 8-12, 2007, the Financial Economics Institute spon
sored the fourth annual New York City Networking Trip which provided an invaluable learning experience for fifteen sophomores, juniors, and seniors who have aspirations to work in the financial services industry after graduation. Events throughout the week allowed students to explore an array of career opportunities in finance while establishing contacts with CMC alumni and friends of the college.

On Monday, students attended an introductory dinner hosted by President Gann and Julie Spellman Sweet at Cravath Swaine & Moore, LLP. Students benefited substantially from the strong alumni presence, as FEI Board Members and alumni graciously answered students’ questions and offered insight regarding life after CMC.

During the week, the group visited six financial firms: Kohlberg, Kravis, Roberts, & Co. (KKR), Bear Stearns, Millbrook Investment Management Co., First Albany CaPicture-052pital, Deloitte Consulting, and Goldman Sachs.

On Tuesday, students had breakfast at KKR before spending the afternoon at Bear Stearns. On Tuesday evening, students attended a CMC Alumni Association Cocktail Reception hosted by Susan Matteson King ’85 and Kristen Edgreen ’98 at The Yale Club. The reception drew several members of the CMC community and was well attended by students, alumni, and CMC faculty. The evening gave students a valuable opportunity to interact with alumni, establish contacts, and openly ask questions outside of a formal business setting.

KKR. One of the most eagerly anticipated events of the trip, breakfast with Henry Kravis ’67 marked the highlight of the trip for many students. Mr. Kravis, a founding member of KKR, amicably shared his experiences as a pioneer in private equity and leverage buyouts with students and welcomed questions and discussion. Meeting with Mr. Kravis served as a reminder of the strength and benefits of the CMC community.Picture-045

Bear Stearns. Tim Galbraith ’87 hosted students for lunch at Bear Stearns. Mr. Galbraith, a Managing Director in Bear’s asset management division, gave students an overview of the firm while providing insight regarding the unique culture of the investment bank. Mr. Galbraith also arranged an informative question and answer session between students and Bear Stearns Analysts who provided an understanding of the life of first and second year analysts.

On Wednesday, students visited Millbrook Investment Management Co. and First Albany Capital. Students enjoyed free time to explore New York City on Wednesday evening.

Millbrook Investment Management Co. Wednesday morning began at Millbrook Investment Management Co. with Christopher Mailman, President and Chief Investment Officer. Mr. Mailman and his colleagues introduced students to the analytics, management, and operations involved in running a fund of hedge funds. The intriguing presentation offered students a unique opportunity to learn more about an alternative, and perhaps less well-known, career path in the financial sector.

First Albany Capital. Christina Valauri, Managing Director and Director of Equity Research at First Albany Capital, hosted students on Wednesday afternoon. The visit exposed students to the inner workings of a smaller investment bank and offered a thorough introduction to equity research. Presentations by Bankers and Research Analysts gave students a balanced perspective of the roles and responsibilities within banking.

On Thursday, the final day of events in New York City, students visited Deloitte Consulting and Goldman Sachs. To conclude the week, Brian Dennis, Assistant Director of the FEI, took students to dinner at Luna Piena.

Picture-031Deloitte Consulting. Michael Epstein, a Senior Manager in Deloitte’s Los Angeles office, hosted students at Deloitte Consulting. After a brief introduction to Deloitte Consulting and the consulting industry as a whole, students participated in a question and answer session with a panel of Deloitte Business Analysts, including Austin Kiessig ’06. As the only consulting firm students visited on the trip, the presentations by Deloitte Consulting gave students valuable insight regarding careers in consulting, the experiences of Business Analysts, and the fundamental differences between consulting and banking.

Goldman Sachs. Cody Smith ’79, Managing Director, and David Alvillar ’01, a Vice President in the Equities Division, hosted students at Goldman Sachs on Thursday afternoon. Mr. Smith and Mr. Alvillar introduced students to the organization and culture of Goldman Sachs as well as an array of opportunities within the bank. Mr. Smith and Mr. Alvillar drew on relevant personal experiences to highlight the primary differences between the buy and sell sides of banking and also provided general insight for life after CMC. The visit to Goldman Sachs was a privilege for students as it gave them firsthand knowledge of the inner-workings of a large distinguished investment bank.Picture-025

The success and benefits of the fourth annual New York City Networking Trip are apparent in the satisfaction of the students, faculty, and alumni that participated. The New York City Networking Trip exposed students to an array of career opportunities and allowed them to network within the CMC community. They will undoubtedly benefit from these experiences as they continue at CMC and after graduation. Ongoing alumni support for the Financial Economics Institute not only reflects the strength of the CMC community and the advantages of a CMC education, but is ultimately responsible for the success of endeavors such as the New York City Networking Trip.