The Financial Economics Institute provides over 40 powerful databases to the students and faculty of Claremont McKenna College. These databases provide important tools for research and classroom activities, as well as for senior theses. A detailed description of the data sources can be found by clicking each title.

ABI/Inform Business and management journals

Bank Regulatory Database Accounting data for banking institutions

Blockholders Standardized data for nearly 2,000 companies’ blockholders

Bloomberg Professional One of the most popular tools used by finance professionals

Business Expert Press Comprehensive business information provider

Business Source Premier The industry’s most used business database

Capital IQ Financial information provider

Chicago Board Options Exchange Measures the short-term volatility of stock option prices

Compustat North America Market information of 24,000 public companies in North America

CRSP Most comprehensive security data for US stock markets

CUSIP Identifies financial instruments

Direct Marketing Educational Foundation Database for consumer buying history

Dow Jones Averages & Total Return Indexes Daily and monthly DJA, DJI, DJT, and DJU indices

Fama-French Porfolios and Factors Measures the variation of stock returns

Federal Reserve Bank Reports On foreign exchange rates, interest rates, and FRB-Philadelphia state Indices

Global Financial Data Historical finance data

Hoovers Directory and financial information of over 12 million companies and 600 industries

I/B/E/S Forecasts of company earnings, cash flows etc.

IMF eLibrary Comprehensive economic and financial data provided by the IMF

International Financial Statistics Data on international trade and finance provided by the IMF

KLD Social research for institutional investors

LexisNexis/Investext Provides investment, company, and industry reports

Market Research Monthly updated market research reports

Markit (Trial) Full coverage for one day of trading

Mergent Corporate Manuals Comprehensive financial information on companies globally

Mergent Fixed Income Securities Database Comprehensive information of fixed income debt research

Mergent Online Financial information about 25,000 companies worldwide

Penn World Tables Used to compare incomes across countries

Philadelphia Stock Exchange (PHIX) The oldest stock exchange in the nation

Regional Business News Full coverage of regional business publications

SDC Platinum In-depth coverage of historical and global transaction history

SEC-mandated Disclosure of Order Execution Statistics Disclosure of company order execution and routing practices

Standard & Poors Net Advantage Provides access to Industry Surveys and Stock Reports

TRACE An over-the-counter corporate bond market real-time price dissemination service

ValueLine Investment Survey Online Provides graphs and charts of financial information of stock-selling companies

Wharton Research Data System (WRDS) A user-friendly, comprehensive data management system for financial and economic research

World Bank eLibrary Economic and development database provided by the World Bank

Zacks Investment Research (Trial) Provides data of 100 largest global companies to analyze forecasts

Last updated: February 25, 2016