Mergent Corporate Manuals


•Bank and Finance- 3000+ banks, savings and loans, mutual funds, insurance companies, and real estate investment trusts, as well as 6,500 unit investment trusts

•Industrial- Comprehensive business and financial information on nearly 2000 top industrial corporations listed on the New York Stock Exchange, the American Stock Exchange, and regional U.S. exchanges

•International- wide-ranging collection of information on more than 13000 non-U.S. companies in 97 countries

•OTC Industrial- Directories covering over 2500 industrial NASDAQ companies •Public Utility- Comprehensive resource for business and financial information on U.S. public utilities

•Transportation- Resource on major public air, rail, freight, shipping and oil pipeline companies

•OTC Unlisted Manuals- Concise reports on more than 2200 public unlisted companies

•Archives- Historical data (prior to 1996) for companies no longer in existence

Available through: Library Business Databases